Thank You for Your Willingness to Help Out

It is only through the dedication and support of our volunteers and donors that DVSOS has stood the test of time. Thanks to the generous support of our benefactors, we are able to provide a variety of services, with our list of offerings always expanding, which means more opportunities for you to help!


Giving Opportunities

Used Cell Phones

Believe it or not, any working cell phone regardless, of service plan, still has the capability to dial 911 in an emergency. If you have a used old cell phone that is sitting around collecting dust, it could go to a victim of domestic abuse to call for emergency support. Please consider donating your used cell phones to DVSOS.

Needs for Adults

Shampoo w/Conditioner
Body Wash w/Scrubby
Women’s Deodorant
Disposable Razor
Small size Pain Reliever (Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen)
Band Aids
Hair Brush

Cleaning Supplies

Liquid Hand Soap
Dish Soap
Laundry Detergent
Disinfectant Cleaner
Disposable towels
Disposable or Rubber Gloves


Diapers size 3, 5 & 6
Shampoo/Body Wash
Infant supplies
Band Aids
Hair Brush

Paper Supplies

Toilet paper (4 pks)

Other Needs

Safety Door/Window Alarms
Shopping Gift Cards
Certificates for Gas, Hair Cuts, Eating Establishments, Phone, Grocery, Transit Pass

Make your donation count;
  please give unused, unopened, full sized items.
Each person that benefits from your donation is very grateful for your help.
Contact for Drop-off time & location:
PO Box 144
Vermillion, SD 57069